Basic Instructions for Workers before Operating Scissor Lift around Pedestrians

Invented in California by John W Parker and first patented by Charles Larson, Scissor lifts are well known for their safety. They’re used by many businesses worldwide. It is all because of their reach and ability to use outdoors and indoors. Scissor Lifts’ stability, solid performance, and ease of workspace as a whole provides a safe work environment.

Owning a scissor lift or telehandler will always be beneficial for the company. It not only saves time but also able to reach where often people cannot reach. People will often find scissor lifts across several warehousing and construction site. Due to its reach of about 5.9 m (19 feet) to 17.9 (59 feet) high, it is among the most used telehandler. 

However, operating a Scissor lift can be dangerous for the pedestrians around the job site. But the damage can be avoided by following basic instructions for the workers working around pedestrians with Scissor Lifts. Let’s check them out:

  • Fall Protection:

Scissor lifts must have been installed on the guardrails to prevent workers from falling. If the guardrail does not have appropriate installation, then it can be dangerous for the workers and pedestrians around the worksite. Workers must check that the guardrail systems have proper placement, and they need to make sure to stand on the work platform, never on the guardrails. 

  • Workers Training:

One of the basic instructions for any worker working around pedestrians with scissor lifts by any employer is by giving the workers proper training. Workers are never allowed to operate any scissor lift before getting the necessary training. How to handle a scissor lift? What is its weighing limitation? Etc.  All this knowledge is essential for the workers. 

  • Accurate Positioning:

The accurate positioning of the scissor lift to avoid it falling or crushing on the pedestrians or any electrocution hazards is necessary for the workers. Every worker should know their surroundings properly; the pedestrians and moving vehicles around the worksite must be checked out carefully before operating a scissor lift. 

Whenever you decide to buy or rent a Scissor Lift, consider all instructions carefully at the beginning of the process. The proper maintenance of the Scissor lift regularly also ensures the safety of both the pedestrian and the workers.


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